The Answer to Diabetes :-

I have managed to find a way of living with Diabetes without taking any form of medicine except Food.
Type 2 Diabetes of course - if I had Type 1 I would surely be on some sort of Insulin.

I have studied  many diets and over a 10 year period I have been able to understand what foods are needed to maintain good health and prevent the Diabetic condition from getting worse.

In time I anticipate my resistance to Insulin will decrease and my body will become either less diabetic or my sugar level will return to normal much quicker after a meal.

The Food I now eat and have eaten now for over 8 years has 

rebuilt my Body
      - I now have muscles.
        I actually weigh more and have great stamina as well as  
        strength.  I used to get very sore wrists from carrying a heavy 
        object even a short   distance -  my wrists are so strong now
        that I can open a  jar or a chip packet or even split an apple
        with my hands without  pain.
  relaxed my body
       - enabling me to sleep more soundly - in fact very much as I
         did when I was very young.
   curtailed my Thirst and Hunger.
        - I now sometimes forget to drink - 6 hours may go by and I
          smile when I realize that I don't have a need to drink.

          The food I eat is very satisfying and I can go without food all
          day without a hint of hunger pains.
    reduced body pain.
         -  I used to be in pain all the time - in fact at one time
            I had high blood pressure since I could not sleep for days
            on end. I would sit and hold my thighs that were humming
            with a Dull pain.
            After physical work I would be sore from head to toe.
            I am now able to work very hard and feel no pain at all - I
            only find that my pumped up muscles get in the way in the
     improved my eyesight
           - it is like magic that all of a sudden you realize you have 
             been reading an article with very small writting.
     rekindled my libido
            - I am 56 years old and 4 years ago I was quite useless -
              now I seem to have regained some of the normality
              common to youth.

I was initially advised to eat Low Fat and complex Carbohydrates and to lose weight.
This advice  was making me weaker and weaker and fortunately I took the advice from a friend ,also a diabetic -  and with the new diet I began improving daily .

I do recommend that once you decide to take my advice you should go to your Doctor on a regular basis to check your progress - your Doctor will be very surprised when you tell him the cause of your improvements.

I now have the passion to spread the word and try to make everyone - not only diabetics, become aware of the Food that is required for maintaining good health as well as improving the Diabetic condition.

At present I have a Store on Ebay Selling by
Auction Notes I have written namely

1.  What to do
2.  What to eat
3.  How to Stay Healthy and Happy

Everything About Diabetes
Food is all you need          @copyright 2008
The Answer to Diabetes
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